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Introducing Sonam Dorjey, vice chairperson

"Julley / Bonjour !!!!!!!!!

This is Sonam Dorjey Kushala. I, for my livelihood operate a travel company called Wandering Wisdom. I was born in Ladakh (North India) and bought up in South part of India (Bangalore) with a support of a wonderful society Mahabodhi where I even had a well wisher. We exchanged a lot of letters of gratitude, happiness, struggles and life during those times. And recently I had a chance to meet him personally and spend some quality time together in Germany. It was a very fortunate and special moment for both of us. So, when my wife Mrs. Berengere guillon came with the idea of helping a lot other children's like me once and give back towards humanity, I happily agreed and we together discussed with trust worthy family, friends and experts. And that's how SOTHI ASSOCIATION is formed. It is named after one of my very close beloved friend Late Sothi who passed away in a tragedy trying to help and defend humanity. I see him as a very humble, funny and a wonderful human being with a lot of humor ofcourse. He was not any less than a family to me and all our friends. We spent about 15 years together. This project is dedicated to him and will always remember him in our work and actions in building up a better world.

Here at Sothi, we are driven by a single goal; A step towards humanity.

We are working on helping bright and deserving children's who is in great need of financial and moral support. There are a lot of them needing just a little push and by tomorrow they will lead this world without you and me.

For this to happen, we are counting on your contribution in the means of funding, sponsoring, volunteering etc. We are just one of you trying to do our little part in making this world a better place to live in.

Our decision making process is transparent led by the trusted executive team with high quality data evaluation. We strive to build productive relationships specially with the children's and make a positive impact with all of our efforts and intention.

Our other main project is the environment issue which is a huge concern for mother earth and specially the human race. We just can't imagine what's coming in the next few decades if we don't use our resources properly. They are calling for our support today and your contribution will play a vital role in tomorrow's making.

We are also closely working with local artisans of Ladakh producing beautiful handicrafts. The art is almost disappearing due to very low income. We want to support them by adding value to their product and giving them a platform to showcase their talent and sale the same at reasonable price (fair trade)."

Sonam Dorjey Kushala Vice président Sothi Association

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