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Diskit, looking for a sponsor

"My name is Jigmat Diskit. I'm a student of 10th class In bhartiya vidhya nikatan school in Leh Ladakh. I want to became an advocate. It's my dream so my education is very important for my dream and me.

My school fees is about 60 000 rupees including my hostel expenses. I would also like to attend coaching classes after school and make sure I master it. I will also need lot of investment for school uniform, books, education tour etc.

Last year our school chose me and my friend to represent our school and give a speech in Delhi to make people aware about environment. It was my very first time exploring Delhi, the capital of India. I was so glad and fortunate for the opportunity. It taught me a lot. I'm very thankful to my school and family. My mom passed away in 2015 so my dad and my brother is trying to help me but I know it's hard on them. I will be ever grateful if I have a god parent to help me with my education. And I'm really excited to meet him/her."

Jigmat Diskit

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